Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sometimes we try as much to bring goodness in others.
But unfortunately, it's still their decisions.
Being good to others is how we respect them, as a person, but that won't mean that we would get treated the same in return.
But that won't mean either you give them an exception of not respecting them.

So, be kind whenever.
Because others may be hurting inside too of which we may not be able to understand.
But just lending a hug or a smile,
a little kindness,
or a pat on the back saying tough times will pass by soon,
would really mean a lot to someone else in need.

So, be kind regardless.
Everybody has their own tough battle to fight.
And believe me, sometimes it is hidden beneath their sweetest smile.

Who's fighting for her tomorrows
Dinda Syafira Zein

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Underneath The Wild Moon

The night is dry and dark when I feel my heart is empty. I walk through the woods. I stare up at the moon, breathe the scents of the falling leaves in Fall bathed in the moonlight. I know you are there. The place where the trees part, where you are sheltered and safe.

I find you. You stare at me for a second and turn toward the darkness, leave me. Leave me alone. I chase you, I run like the wind dodging every tree, just to feel the warmth of your back that I can feel on my naked palm. You run faster and faster to flee but I still chase you. I chase you to feel the heartbeat of your heart of stone, for my heart seems to lose its home.

I know you are too wild. You are too wild to be tamed by my delicate heart. You keep denying your true feelings like nightmares that I always try to ignore. But I know, I know you long for one sweet kiss to quench your thirst. You long for one soft touch that keeps you warm.

You stop there. You stop running to let me hug you underneath the wild moon. I close my eyes and put your rough palm on my cheek, in the silence I touch your heart of stone. As we linger here in the dark, I feel the warmth of your back that I can feel on my naked palm. As you tenderly wrap me in your embrace, I know my heart finds its home.

As we linger here in the dark,
As you tenderly wrap me in your embrace,
As I feel your heartbeat underneath the wild moon,
I know I'm in love with a werewolf
I'm in love with a werewolf
I'm in love with a werewolf.

Commonwealth, 29/04/2011
5:49 AM
For a werewolf out there,

Friday, August 16, 2013


"pause this video. Open youtube on a new tab and type in "rainy mood" and play. go back to this tab. hit play. You're welcome" - Shimmy


Sunday, March 31, 2013

R for him

It's pouring down.
Earlier I took a shower with the door opened to feel like I was standing in the rain.
I could hear the thunder outside.
And I, too, could hear the scream inside me.

Here I am, back to my little room and feeling something is missing.
If I could ask myself again, whose presence I'm longing the most, I'd say it's the presence of no one.

Let's just start with this, a story about a guy that I like.
He's a cute guy with sweet smiles. His job is dechiphering codes and utilizes it as a system.
He's a quiet guy but once you talk to him, he can burst out with lovely jokes.

What I like about him is that.. He knows when to talk and when to stop.
He knows how to joke and how to listen.

It's a long way to go.
A long way to go for me to adore him from distance to know what his likes and dislikes
and to know if it's possible for him to share his love with somebody else besides his girl.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


She wasn't there when he said yes
She was there when he said no

He was there when she finally cherished his kisses
He was there when she finally gave up the feeling

She was his serenity
He was her chaos

The reason why they stayed together

'Til the night revealed
that lust
would never last.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Muse: Dillon

I got lost on Youtube and couldn't find my way back because of her.

My favourite

I hereby declare I'm now a fan of her.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Patiently Waiting

"Move baby, move. Your life is falling on you"

She woke up on a train. The voice uttering the words still echoed in her head. Unperturbed by the regular occurrence, she sat still silently watching trees and the sun falling west. The train was moving through a mountain range, reminding her of home. But home reminded her of last night.

The bar. She lost track of time emptying glasses. At the twist of her hips she turned as he walked through the door. That moment when she felt time stood still. Everything blurred as he moved a fraction of a second at a time. He found her gaze and she decided to make him hers.

A delectable smile sufficed as she thought to herself "for what it's worth. you know, you could take a man so easily?"

Morning came and she found herself alone. She wasn't home but the bed still smelled like flowers. She caught the sun peeking through the curtains. breakfast laid ready at the bedside. Everything was as it should be. Last night was another night. Just like any other night with someone, somewhere.

She looked around for him and found that he had turned into a note, lying on the floor. A cursive scribbled "thanks girl, next time in my town just pick up the phone"

She laid still gazing at the floor where her clothes stranggled patiently waiting for her to put them back on.

As the last ray of light disappeared from the horizon, the voice still echoed in her head "Move baby, move. Your life is falling on you"

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