Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sometimes we try as much to bring goodness in others.
But unfortunately, it's still their decisions.
Being good to others is how we respect them, as a person, but that won't mean that we would get treated the same in return.
But that won't mean either you give them an exception of not respecting them.

So, be kind whenever.
Because others may be hurting inside too of which we may not be able to understand.
But just lending a hug or a smile,
a little kindness,
or a pat on the back saying tough times will pass by soon,
would really mean a lot to someone else in need.

So, be kind regardless.
Everybody has their own tough battle to fight.
And believe me, sometimes it is hidden beneath their sweetest smile.

Who's fighting for her tomorrows
Dinda Syafira Zein
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